The Tastiest Patties


2 Beef Patties and a refreshing 160z Soda
Flavor of your choice

Start Your Day With Us

breakfast combos!

Ackee & Saltfish, Stew Chicken, Liver
Kidney, Callaloo & Saltfish.

Have Lunch With Us


2 or 3 pieces of chicken, 1 Fry, 
1 Dinner Roll and your choice of a ice cold soda

Our Sandwich Delights

deli sandwiches

Our Sandwiches are available: 
Chicken Ham - Chicken Jerk - Chicken Pastrami

Steam up your palate

soup combos

Your choice of either Chicken or Red Peas Soup
and Sided with 2 Dinner Rolls

today’s hot offers

Scrumptious Oxtail Meals

Steamy, seasoned to the bone mouth watering Oxtail dishes are available. Why not make your lunch an Oxtail dish from us today

Curried Goat Delight

Authentic Jamaican curried goat done to perfection. Spicy, juicy and tender to the bone, with a serving of steamy white rice. This can be your lunch today!

Stew Chicken Combo

Get today started by exciting your taste buds, with stew chicken seasoned just right with 5 pieces of cooked food, 10oz juice and 8oz tea. Breakfast has never tasted so good.

Monday, 27 April 2015 04:01