2014 was a phenomenal year of growth at Tastee limited.  The patty giant saw tremendous growth in areas such as the variety of products offered as well as opening several new locations across the island.  This profitability was shared with the Jamaican people, our valued customers, through donations to schools, hospitals, homes and thousands of patties and other products being donated monthly. Now, more than ever, Tastee Limited has been cemented as a truly home grown Jamaican brand – demonstrating excellence in the fast food Industry- through its 31 quick service restaurants, 17 school concessionaires and highly recommended and reviewed catering service as well as their ever expanding pastry line.

 Tastee Expands

Additionally there has been a significant improvement in the look and feel of the in store experience for Tastee customers as efforts to standardize branding in all stores continue. One such example is the introduction of digital menu boards at the Cargill location, it is expected that digital menu boards will be phased in at the other locations over time. The Tastee brand also increased its presence in both local and international media. Through new promotions and sponsorship of programmes such as Kids Say, Tastee has reinforced its bond with children; a core group of the company’s customer base and target for corporate initiatives. In this way the Company has ensured its longevity by building the next generation of Tastee customers.

As the number of concessionaires increase, the innovative patty company expanded its services into government and corporate offices which proved to be successful. A new market has been established through the demand of Tastee products and the capability to meet the needs of these niche markets.

In keeping with its tradition of giving back Tastee has expanded its corporate social responsibility initiatives to include a focus on sports, education, community development and child care. Through its expansive donation programme the company has been able to touch the lives of many Jamaicans and in so doing build customer loyalty.

Launch of New Locations

DSC 3181

In 2014 Tastee launched two retail locations and three concessionaires. The Cargill location which operated as a franchise was taken over and added to the retail portfolio. After being closed for renovations for a month the store re-opened in June. Renovations were billed at an upwards cost of $10 million. The newest addition to the Tastee network of stores is the Spanish Town Patty Express located on Oxford Road. The location opened on November 10 and brings the number of retail locations to 17. The new branch has been welcomed by the locals who have been eagerly anticipating a second location for them to enjoy Jamaica’s Tastiest patties in their home town for years. The concessionaires are located at Barracks Road Primary, Mona Primary and Ministry of Education. Tastee plans to further expand by adding a new location each year over the next five years thus solidifying Tastee’s position not just as Jamaica’s # 1 patty makers, but also as a leading innovator in the local restaurant industry.

Tastee/Tropicana Family Fiesta  

DSC 1278

This year saw the introduction of a unique event geared towards celebrating family values and giving back to the community. Through a highly rewarding partnership with Pepsi through their Tropicana brand, Tastee hosted three editions of the Family Fiesta event across all three counties. The first was held in Kingston at Hope Gardens in May, the second in Ocho Rios in August and culminating with the Montego Bay edition on December 6th. The success of this event is evidenced by the fact that with each staging the number of patrons and sponsors grew steadily. It is hoped that this event will become a fixture on Tastee’s annual calendar of events. 

Event Sponsorship and Campaigns

DSC 8962

For 2014, Tastee launched its ‘Family Oriented’ and ‘So Many Choices’ campaigns. These campaigns were geared towards pushing strong values and principles that form the foundation and backbone of Jamaican families. The Company sponsored events, supported individuals aiming for success and many others – at all times pushing the values that are synonymous with the Tastee brand. Funfest was perfect for our year-long campaign. Through its three shows, Tastee got a chance to interact with families who came out in their numbers. Children, parents, grandparents and even family pets, came and enjoyed rides and other fun activities that were on offer. Funfest was another massive event in Jamaica for 2014 and proved to be another successful staging of the Tastee sponsored event.

Sponsorship and Donation   

DSC 4865

The sponsorship and donations programme at Tastee has been streamlined to focus on targeted areas. The Company support was streamlined in its Family Oriented campaign. The peadiatric ward at the University Hospital of the West Indies was singled out for a special donation of $1 million worth of equipment and supplies. Tastee has committed to matching this donation to the ward for the next three years. COO, Mr. Ryan Foster made this commitment at a brief handing over held on the ward a few days before Christmas. The company has also continued its support of the Missionaries of the Poor though the donation of some 7000 patties in aid of the staging of the annual production put on by Father Ho Lung.  It gives numerous entities such as churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations over 5000 patties and products on a monthly basis – totaling over 100,000 by year’s end. The company also supports agriculture and local farmers by buying thousands of pounds of staples, vegetables, chicken, mutton and other kinds of meat.

UWIDEF Scholarships

 Awards Dinner 2014

Continuing our tradition as good corporate citizens and supporters of education as a vehicle for transformational and developmental change, Tastee’s contribution to the University of The West Indies Development and Endowment Fund (UWIDEF) was bigger and better for 2014. We received special recognition at the at the university’s Annual Donor Recognition and Scholarship Awards Luncheon at the Knutsford Court Hotel on November 25, for donating in excess of $1 million to the fund this year and being one of its most consistent donors over the years. The Tastee scholarship for Law, Accounting and Management and Food and Beverage were awarded to three brilliant students who were given the opportunity to pursue their dream of attaining a university degree. So too, Tastee has provided grants and bursaries to employees, schools where we operate concessionaire and many who simply have a need. The company sees education as a vital part of its investment and social responsibility, and as such continues to support education and initiatives that encourages it.


IMG 1088

Tastee also continued its commitment to sports development through sponsorship of the KSAFA U-17 Football Competition and the JISA Netball and Football Competitions. Tastee is known for its strong focus on youth development particularly through the avenue of sports. In what was a tremendous partnership agreement, the patty giant has adopted the Jamaica Independent Schools’ Association (JISA) football and netball competitions making them the title sponsors. Tastee’s sponsorship will span a 3 year period which will see the company contributing over 10 million dollars. Through its multi-year sponsorship, Tastee will make a significant impact on the numerous boys and girls that will participate in the Alberga Cup, Henriques Cup, All Prep and High School football and the Prep and High School Netball Competitions. 

The way forward

The company will continue to expand its services to the Jamaicans people, likewise the company has promised to increase its donation, sponsorship and overall CSR initiatives for 2015. Tastee is more than just patties and for the tremendous support over 48 years, we want to say-

Thank you Jamaica!

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Tastee is set to open a new patty outlet on Mannings Hill Road, heating up competition in the Constant Spring Area of St Andrew.The new franchise will be located inside the Midway Mall, which is at the entrance to Cassava Piece. It should open before the end of summer, says the patty giant, which already has more than 30 outlets across the island

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