Tastee employs over 1500 employees nationwide, which includes franchise and factory workers. Considered the industry leader, Tastee provides the highest quality products and services while continuing to develop among customers a high degree of trust, by consistently delivering efficient and reliable services through a team of professional customer-focused employees.

The company is committed to high standards of service and believes in giving back to the community. Team work is encouraged, especially to produce quality products and continue to be the number one patty maker in a global market, while promoting the spirit of learning and innovation.

As a true full faceted company, Tastee is socially and academically involved in the Jamaican society.  The company donates millions each year to scholarship ventures, aiding several Jamaicans gain education of the highest degree. Although a strong believer in work and good work ethics, Tastee is fully aware of the role that recreational activities and entertainment plays in the lives of Jamaicans, and via ventures such as the annual Tastee Talent Trail, a talent show showcasing Jamaican entertaining talent, they ensure that the fun continues for Jamaica and Jamaicans. Tastee is also involved strongly in sports, as they are the major sponsors of the KSAFA football leagues among other sporting ventures.Tastee is no doubt a true giant in the Jamaican restaurant industry, a staple in the Jamaican cultural society and the complete embodiment of successful organization. 





Tastee Limited will strive to always produce products of the highest quality and under the most hygienic and sanitary conditions meeting international standards. We will operate at levels of efficiency to keep our prices affordable.

We will satisfy our customers’ needs in price, quality, ambiance, safety and staff.

We will foster an atmosphere of peace and trust in the workplace and provide a fulfilling environment for our staff.

Tastee Limited will continue to build life-long community relationships.


Tastee strives to consistently deliver premium quality goods and services to our customers.

To encourage teamwork and focus heavily on details and quality, while promoting the spirit of learning and innovation.

To be the number one patty-maker on the local and international markets providing high quality patties and products to its customers.